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Miniature musical instrument Raw ma
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Miniature musical instrument Raw ma
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Sale Online Notice of Orff Musical Instruments

Time:2015-08-02 19:15   Source:Angela   Writer:Angela Cilck:

    Orff Musical Instruments are musical instruments used in the unique musical teaching method created by the world-famous German composer and music educator Carl Orff (1895-1982) . They can be divided into free pitch musical instruments and fixed pitch musical instruments.
    Wooden type: single and double cylinders, sticks, woodblock, frog boxes etc, whose sound is clear and bright without delaying sound.
    Diverging type: sand hammer and bell, whose sound is characterized by small volume, diverging sound and can be sustainable and prolonged.
    Leathery type: different kinds of drum musical instruments. Generally they have acoustic resonance, deep sound and great volume.
    Metallic type: angle iron, finger cymbals etc.Their biggest characteristic is delaying sound which is clear and melodious.
   Besides, there are many percussion musical instruments with specific sound such as frogs’ sound cylinders. In particular, in every country there are some musical instruments with unique timbre in the percussion musical instruments, such as China's various kinds of gongs and cymbals,which can be added unique features on the basis of the above instrument groups.
    Orff music teaching is a comprehensive teaching that combines tempo,rhythm, dance, language,instrumental performance, singing, painting ,dramatic performance and so on.The core of Orff music education is the "elemental" music education. It is based on tempo and combines the rhythm of body. It is a kind of music education with comprehensive teaching of singing, playing, moving and listening, which arouses children' s interest of music and inspires their emotions of music, so it is the golden key to cultivating music sense and emotions.
    Recently our company will make Orff Musical Instruments be on line successively. In this article, we will show some typical musical instruments. Please stay tuned!

  Orff Musical Instruments Display: 



Loop Bells

Cluster Bell





Power Tambourine

Power Tambourine

Power Tambourine

Handle Bells

Jingle Sticks

Jingle Sticks-wooden

Tone Block -Mallet

Tone Block -Mallet

Tone Block -Mallet






rattle drum with sheepskin

conga drum

Marching Baby Drum

Wood Guiro

Wood Block

Wooden Castanet

Merengue Guiro




Rhythm Sticks



Train Whistle

Chinese Face Shakes

musical Wooden Spoons


Plastic Kazoo

Vibra Slap

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Miniature Musical Instrument

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