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MS-ORMA6-16-Colorful Wooden Maracas
MS-ORXY1-3 Colorful Xylophone/ tone
MS-ORMA30-35-Colorful Wooden Maraca
MS-ORMA27-29-Colorful Wooden Maraca
MS-ORMA1-5-Colorful Wooden Maracas
MS-ORMA36-39-Colorful Wooden Maraca
MS-ORMA47-51-Colorful Chicken Shake
MS-ORMA40-46-Colorful Wooden Maraca
MS-ORMA17-19-Colorful Wooden Maraca
MS-ORMA20-26-Colorful Wooden Maraca
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MS-ORXY1-3 Colorful Xylophone/ tone bell set percussion musi Musical Instrument

MS-ORXY1-3 Colorful Xylophone/ tone bell set percussion musical instrument educational toy for children

Colorful Xylophone, tone bell set, percussion musical instrument

·Item:Xylophone/ tone bell set and 2 pairs of mallets
·Material:Wood, Painting (safe & non-toxic) 
·Color:Any color you can choose
·LOGO:As your requirements
·Packing:inner box
·Origin: China
Colorful Xylophone, tone bell set, percussion musical instrument, educational toy for children


    Orff music teaching is a comprehensive teaching that combines tempo,rhythm, dance, language,instrumental performance, singing, painting ,dramatic performance and so on.The core of Orff music education is the "elemental" music education. It is based on tempo and combines the rhythm of body. It is a kind of music education with comprehensive teaching of singing, playing, moving and listening, which arouses children' s interest of music and inspires their emotions of music, so it is the golden key to cultivating music sense and emotions.

Pre:MS-ORMA47-51-Colorful Chicken Shake Wooden Maracas ORFF Musi
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Miniature Musical Instrument

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